A thought provoking documentary about the young men and gays in South Africa, victims of rape with no legal recourse.

10 Songs for Charity

A musical drama about the illegal trafficking of women, 10 Songs for Charity follows Nigerian sisters Charity and Happy as they endure the day-to-day hardships of being illegal sex workers in Belgium.

10,000 Years of Cinema / Dix mille ans de cinéma

This documentary offers the reflections of filmmakers shot at FESPACO 1991.

100 Days

Young lovers become separated after Hutus attack their Tutsi neighbors in Rwanda.

100% Dakar – More Than Art

100% Dakar - More Than Art is a portrait about the creative arts scene in Dakar, Senegal. Dakar booms with live and this energy can also be found in the creative, artistic and cultural expressions of the city

1000 Songs

1000 Songs features 83-year-old Brooklyn musician and R&B singer Ricky Rose. Ricky has been playing music for 70 years, and despite never making it to the big leagues, his passion for performing live has never dimmed.

17 African Nations Celebrate Independence

Archival footage of 17 African nations who celebrated independence from colonial rule in 1960.


Lamin’s 80 depicts a man on the two most important days of his life: the day he gets caught and imprisoned and the day he escapes.

A Barber's Wisdom

Troubled by his dependence on his fish-seller wife, retired military man, Amadou decides to open a barbershop in the city

A Birthday Party

The close relationship between twin sisters is shattered irrevocably when one insists on upholding tradition through the circumcision of her daughter.

A Blues for Tiro

A poetic tribute to an extraordinary black consciousness activist and inspirational leader, who was murdered in 1974.

A Cemetery of Doves

When a teenager’s declaration of love for an older man is met with rejection, he struggles with heartbreak and fear for his safety and future in a society intolerant of the LGBTQ community.

A Certain Morning / Un Certain Matin

Tiga, a farmer in Burkina Faso, is working in the bush when he hears a woman shouting for help.

A Child's Love Story / Un Amour D'enfant

A touching investigation of innocent love between children in Senegal set against the background of a traditional class system.

A Christmas Mission: Sierra Leone

During the Christmas season, Dr. Hawanatu Jah organized a medical mission to help the poor in Sierra Leone. In four days, with only four volunteer doctors from Europe and Africa, they treated over 600 patients and performed over 20 surgeries.

A Clean and Well Lit Place

This film examines the psychological state of an ex-boxer being pursued by two killers.

A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father: Souleymane Cissé

A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father is the story of a filmmaker told by his daughter. Through the testimony of his friends, family and close collaborators, this film traces the life of Souleymane Cissé from his childhood to today.

A Drink In The Passage

In 1960, Edward Simelane won a prize for his remarkable sculpture. He did not know that the contest was strictly for whites. While the committee decided to give him the award, it created a nation-wide outcry.

A Fresh Perspective

In 2018, three African-Americans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, created the nation’s first-ever Black beer festival, a historic event aiming to diversify the industry while promoting a new narrative in craft beer.

A Game

In Zein’s adaptation of a short story by the Italian writer Alberto Moravia, a playful game turns into a revelatory confrontation between a divorced single mother and her little daughter.

A Gentle Magic

A Gentle Magic explores the resurgence of skin-lightening products in South Africa as an in-road to the country’s changing social landscape. It examines the issue of skin-lightening and its history, as well as its cultural context, medical implications and possible solutions.

A Girl for Souleymane / Une femme pour Souleymane

Souleymane is a young Senegalese man who arrived in Paris three years ago. Trying to overcome his solitude, he creates for himself another kind of life, an imaginary one.

A History of Independence

Nama decides to make his home in a cave, where he will lead a hermit’s life and devote himself to God. One day, God sends an angel to Nama to thank him for being so devoted.

A Laundry Day

Today, Fatou goes to the laundromat in Harlem and meets a young man.

A Lenda do Pai Inacio

A slave named Inacio, attempts an impossible flight to escape from the hands of a powerful colonel. His only weapon is the knowledge of the magic hidden in the nature of the Chapada Diamantina.

A Lion’s Trail

A Lion's Trail traces the music back to its original source, telling the story of how the Zulu song "Mbube" was transcribed by American folk singer Pete Seeger into "Wimoweh," finally gaining international recognition as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

A Lisbon Affair

Waldo and Shey are in love. Waldo, who lives in Berlin, travels to Lisbon to meet Shey. Their encounter will test the emotional strength of their bond and expose uncertainties about their Afro-Portuguese cultural and historical identities.

A Litany For Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

A Litany for Survival is an epic portrait of Audre Lorde, a celebrated and controversial African American lesbian poet and writer.

A Lot Like You

When Eliaichi's father retires and moves back to Tanzania, she begins a film project that examines the intricate fabric of multiracial identity.

A Love During the War

What are the consequences when rape is used as a weapon of war? This moving documentary explores this question from the perspective of women in Africa.

A Love Letter to My Country

Twenty-one year old Marta falls in love with Rukundo, but their love seems doomed by impossibility and intolerance.

A Man was Buried Alive

This documentary based in the Kalumba Village of Northern Angola is a film Dos Santos uses to expose the atrocities of war.

A Nation is Born / Une nation est née

In 1958, Vieyra set up a special office dedicated to film in Senegal, which, after the independence (1960), became the base of the country’s cinematography. A Nation is Born is a historical portrait of Vieyra’s homeland.

A New Country

An examination of South Africa’s post-apartheid narrative from the early days of liberation to an increasingly fractured contemporary society still invested in the vital culture of resistance.

A New England Document

Using found footage with selected images and text from The Marshall Family Collection at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, A New England Document reconstructs the impulse of two ethnographers’ photographic encounters in the Kalahari Desert in Namibia from a reparative perspective.

A Normal Daughter: The Life and Times of Kewpie of District Six

Before South Africa’s apartheid government in the 1970’s destroyed District Six, being gay, or “moffie,” was an accepted part of this racially and religiously diverse community in Cape Town.

A pesar de su ausencia

In 1978 New York, one girl in a city of eight million, finds herself. Follow her journey.

A Place for Myself

A 5-year-old girl is ostracized by her classmates because of a skin condition.

A Question of the Heart

When a young man is killed by tsotsis, his unidentified body is brought to the hospital where a famous white surgeon uses his heart for a transplant.

A Reading From Exiles of Eden: Refusing Eurydice

A poem on refusing oblivion, defeat, and polluted myths. Filmed during the height of the pandemic in NY, and in solidarity with nationwide protests following the murders of Breonna Taylor, Oluwatoyin Salau, Dominique Fells, George Floyd, and too many others.

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