100 Days


by Nick Hughes


Rwanda, Kenya and UK / 2000 / 96mins / Drama / English

In 1994, Josette, a beautiful, young Tutsi girl and her family struggle to survive the Rwandan government's genocidal policy by taking refuge in a church supposedly protected by UN forces. Meanwhile, Josette's brother is murdered in an attempt to escape the rebel army. 100 Days was shot in a Kibuye church, the site of an actual massacre. Four Rwandan investors joined producer Eric Kabera, who lost 32 of his own family members, and Nick Hughes to make this powerful monument to the Rwandan genocide.


About the Director

Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes was born in 1961. He worked for 14 years as a cameraman for BBC news documentaries, witnessing first-hand the political and social events that unfolded in Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan. It is from his experience and the testimony of survivors, that his feature film debut 100 Days (2000) was conceived. Learn More