10 Songs for Charity


by Karin Junger


The Netherlands, Belgium and Nigeria / 2021 / 115mins / Drama / Musical / Dutch and English

In this musical drama, Charity, a young Nigerian woman beaten and hardened by life in a Lagos slum, leaves for illegal sex work in Europe along with her younger sister, Happy, in pursuit of her dream of becoming rich. Happy, whom Charity ruthlessly initiates into the world of prostitution, resists her fate, jeopardizing Charity's dream. Together with other undocumented women, they endure day-to-day hardships, exploitation, and humiliation with resilience and song. One day, it all becomes too much, and they revolt, singing their fury from the rooftops.


About the Director

Karin Junger

Karin grew up in Belgium and presently lives in the Netherlands. She attended secondary school in Brussels and studied French language and literature and mass communication at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in film science. She trained in directing drama at the Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam and took several workshops, including the Sources Script Workshop, Directing Actors with Ruud Schuitemaker, and Camera with Leonard Retel Helmrich. Junger makes fiction films and documentaries. Her first documentary won the prestigious Joris Ivens Award. Her fiction films were also rewarded with a Silver Bear at the Berlinale and a Gouden Kalf at the Dutch Film Festival. In 2006, she made the film Bolletjes Blues, the first urban musical feature in the Netherlands. Her socially-conscious and inventive work has been shown at many major international film festivals, including IFFR, Tribeca Film Festival, Margaret Mead Film Festival, Cinema du RĂ©el, Berlinale, and Chicago International Film Festival, among others. Learn More