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Cinema Awujo!

Enjoy our curated selection of African and diaspora cinema to stream online! Learn More

Awujo Talks

Join us for discussions on African and diaspora cinema and culture. Learn More


Year-Round Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to the AFF mission. We partner with a broad spectrum of arts and social justice organizations to spark discussion and activate the public around African cinema and culture. Learn More

Summer Series

During this annual series, AFF presents free programs throughout NYC, in public venues and city parks, including screenings of African cinema and family-friendly events such as the annual Family Day Celebration on Governors Island. Learn More


Educational Resources

AFF is happy to support families and students who are learning remotely by providing learning resource materials and activities! Learn More

In-School Lecture Series

Filmmakers and scholars interact face to face with students for in depth all-around film lessons and conversation. Learn More

Filmmaking Workshops

Led by an experienced teaching artist and professional filmmaker, the filmmaking workshop teaches students African film history and culture and the basics of film production in a collaborative environment. Learn More

NYAFF Youth Matinee Program

NYC public high school and middle school students are invited for special screenings and discussions with filmmakers at the annual festival through a matinee program. Learn More

National Traveling Series

National Traveling Series

In order to make African cinema available to wider audiences, AFF programs the annual National Traveling Series, which runs throughout the year in the US, including Puerto Rico. Learn More


International Partnerships

AFF produces and contributes to many cross-cultural projects, and has become a resource for programmers worldwide, reflecting a unique perspective on the film industry. Learn More

Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program

Through the power of documentary arts, the Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program provides a public platform for Sierra Leoneans to preserve and celebrate their shared culture. Learn More