A Love Letter to My Country


by Thierry Dushimirimana


Rwanda / 2006 / 36mins / Drama / Kinyarwanda

Twenty-one year old Marta falls in love with Rukundo, but their love seems doomed by impossibility and intolerance. They find themselves asking if, in post-genocide Rwanda, two people from different sides of the conflict can live and love together.

About the Director

Thierry Dushimirimana

Dushimirimana Thierry is a filmmaker based in Rwanda where he has done work for the Rwanda Film Festival. In his film, A Love Letter to My Country (2006), a Tutsi survivor falls in love with a Hutu man from a family involved in the genocide against the Tutsi. The film screened at serval international film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2011, earning Dushimirimana international acclaim. He has collaborated with Eric Kabera, working with him as cinematographer on Juan Reina's 2010 documentary Iseta: Behind the Roadblock, which followed a British journalist Nick Hughes returning to find out more about the murder he had photographed in Gikondo in 1994. Learn More