A Love During the War


by Osvalde Lewat


Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon / 2005 / 63mins / Documentary / English

What are the consequences when rape is used as a weapon of war? This moving documentary explores this question from the perspective of women in Africa, where this tragedy is witnessed again and again. Aziza and her husband were separated when the Congo-Kinshasa war broke out in 1996. Six years later, they reunite in Kinshasa. They are now rebuilding their family life with their four children. However, the horrors suffered by other women in eastern DRC during the war still haunt journalist Aziza. She wonders what happened to Feza, the little girl for which she used to care. Mention spéciale du jury Vues d'Afrique and FESPACO 2005.

About the Director

Osvalde Lewat

Osvalde Lewat is an award-winning filmmaker who began making documentaries after several years as a journalist. She produced her first documentary, Upsa Yimoowin (The Pipe of Hope) in Toronto in 2000. The film denounces the sidelining of Native Americans. With Au-delà de la peine, Lewat tells the story of a prisoner who, after being sentenced to four years in jail for a minor offense, is imprisoned for thirty-three years. In her 2009 film, Black Business, Lewat addresses the question posed by Nigerian Nobel Laureate author Wole Soyinka: “They say Africans are not ready for democracy. So I wonder: have they ever been ready for dictatorship?” Lewat studied at Sciences Po in Paris. Since 2012, Levat's main focus has been on photography. Her work explores the idea of "otherness and ways of seeing". She has exhibited her work in Paris, the United States and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn More