A Lot Like You


by Eliaichi Kimaro


Tanzania and USA / 2011 / 81mins / Documentary / KiSwahili, KiChagga, and English

When Eliaichi's father retires and moves back to Tanzania, she begins a film project that examines the intricate fabric of multiracial identity, and grapples with the complex ties that children have to the cultures of their parents. The film raises questions about the cultures we inherit and the cultures we choose to pass down, and reveals how simply bearing witness to another’s truth telling can break silences that have lasted lifetimes.


About the Director

Eliaichi Kimaro

Eliaichi Kimaro is a first-generation American filmmaker. Her father is Tanzanian and her mother is Korean. When her dad retired and moved back to Tanzania, she followed him to do a film about his side of the family, A Lot Like You, one she didn’t know much about. Her work unveiled a shocking history she didn’t expect. Kimaro is founder / director of 9elephants productions, a company that uses video to bring stories of struggle, resistance and survival to a broader audience. Drawing upon her 10-year film journey, she is currently on the campus / conference lecture circuit engaging communities across the country in discussion about some of the issues in her film, including gender violence, global mixed race/multicultural issues, cultural identity and the power of personal storytelling. Learn More