Amjad Abu Alala




Amjad is a Sudanese Director and Producer, born and currently residing in the UAE. He studied media at the Emirates University and worked as a film and documentary director with various media institutions for Arab and Western channels. He has made numerous short films that have screened in different film festivals including, Tina , Coffee and Oranges, Birds Feathers and Studio in 2012 that was supervised by Abbas Kiarostami. In 2013 he received the Best Arabic Theater Script award from the Arab Authority for Theater for “Apple Pies”. He Produced a Film Narrative Lab with Doha Film Institute that made five short films, and is now working as Head of the Programming Committee for the Sudan Independent Film Festival.


In the End of the Fall (2001)
Slump on Cannes Roads (2003)
Feathers of the Birds (2007)
Teena (2009)
Studio (2012)
Apple Pies (2013)
You Will Die at 20 (2019)

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