Tony Abulu




Tony Abulu is the President and CEO of Black Ivory Communications, a multi-faceted media firm with 30+ years’ experience in film production, entertainment, publishing, international marketing and African tourism development. Abulu is also the President of Filmmakers Association of Nigeria, USA (FAN, USA). As a Nigerian-born writer, director, and producer, Tony Abulu has spent many years in the United States establishing a market for African themed entertainment products. From his early days as publisher and editor of the world-renowned Black Ivory Magazine--a contemporary Pan-African journal focusing on business opportunities in Africa--to helming the world tours of the spectacular Nigerian National Dance Troupe and the Africa Music Festival in New York–a Broadway-style music festival featuring contemporary African bands from South Africa, Nigeria, the Caribbean, Benin and Senegal - Abulu has presented Africa in America with dignity, insight and class as a cultural ambassador for Africa and the consultant to African and Caribbean governments and cultural institutions in the U.S.


Back to Africa (1997)
American Dream (2007)
Crazy like a Fox (2008)
Doctor Bello (2012)

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