Mohamed Abdalaziem



Mohamed Abdalaziem is a filmmaker from Sudan. Abdalaziem's short documentary Nile Drums was a result of participating in the The Cultural Healing workshop, a concept developed by British-Sudanese filmmaker Taghreed Elsanhouri, a creative peace-building project in Sudan that trained journalism students, civil society representatives and young people to make short documentary films which expressed their cultures and traditions. A quote from the filmmaker: "I was waiting for the opportunity to make a film about a young musician from South Sudan - I have been asking myself why the cultural linkages between the north and the south are breaking. My film was screened at the first annual Cultural Healing film festival in Sudan. My film screened in several provinces in Sudan through the festival which has created a new platform for documentary cinema. The films at the festival portrayed issues that are critical for our society."


Nile Drums (2013)

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