Mma Moeketsi


by Reabetswe Moeti


South Africa / 2018 / 25mins / Historical Drama / Sotho

Based on true events, this film recounts a 2012 massacre in which a group of South African mine workers went on a wage-increase strike, leading to a national tragedy in which 34 miners were brutally killed by the police.


About the Director

Reabetswe Moeti

Reabetswe Moeti-Vogt is a writer and director with experience in comedy and drama TV series, in addition to being a commercial director. She's a South African Film and TV Award winner in the writing category, and her TV work includes being a part of original concepts like the hit female prison series Lockdown. She has also worked on international adaptations such as Africa's first Ugly Betty, Ubettina Wethu, bringing a local flavor to well-known and loved characters. Rea's three award-winning short films, The Virgin Vegan, Mma Moeketsi, and Intelligent, are a body of work that shows off her narrative and aesthetic flair, her comedic instinct, and her enthusiasm for working with young performers. She currently has two feature narratives on her horizon: a mystery comedy for Netflix and a dramedy for MNET. Rea’s also working on her first feature documentary based on an uplifting mental health story in Zimbabwe. Rea is a masters graduate from the acclaimed National Film and Television School. She is a documentary fellow of the American Film Showcase (which was hosted by the University of Southern California), a fellow of the Cannes Producer's Network, DFM Access, and The Gotham (formerly IFP). Learn More