CCP Celebrates Sierra Leone’s 50th Anniversary of Independence

Today marks the 50th anniversary of independence in Sierra Leone. It is a day of great pride for people in Sierra Leone and in the worldwide Sierra Leonean Diaspora, many of whom have returned home this month to celebrate with family, friends, and fellow Sierra Leoneans!

This landmark event provides an unparalleled opportunity for Sierra Leone to celebrate its national heritage. It also presents a unique opportunity to rally the country around the revival of national cultural values and expressions, and to engage the country’s youth as they prepare to lead their communities toward a unified, peaceful future.

It is fitting, then, that we at the CCP have also been celebrating, with projects that commemorate the rich heritage of Sierra Leone and raise awareness of the importance of conserving local culture. Visit the Sierra Leone National Museum this month, and you will be able to see rare archival footage of Sierra Leone at the time of independence, courtesy of the Russian Archives, playing on loop on the ground floor; upstairs is the CCP’s exhibition of youth renditions of independence, a colorful collection of drawings depicting Sierra Leonean culture and history. Later this summer, you will be able to hear excerpts of oral testimonies, conducted by CCP staff, of those who lived through independence, all to be radio-broadcasted nationwide. Projects by workshop participants will soon follow, ensuring that the celebrations continue all year long.

Excerpts of select audio projects will be available in the online CCP gallery once they are aired. The Sierra Leone National Museum has a rich program all its own, as well, with special exhibitions, including private collections of artifacts and photographs, as well as musical and dance performances, throughout the month. It is a momentous year for Sierra Leone, and an exciting year for the CCP and for the Sierra Leone National Museum! For more information on Sierra Leone’s 50th anniversary of independence and national celebrations, visit Sierra Leone at 50. For more information on our ongoing 50th anniversary of independence programs, please contact us. For more information on the National Museum’s programming, please call 232 (0) 22 223555.