Intensive Photography Workshop

This summer I conducted an intensive photography workshop with members of the Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program in Freetown. I was greeted with a very warm welcome by a group of determined individuals who were so eager to learn. On day one we learned the fundamentals of photography: how to control light through the use of F-stops, aperture settings, ISO (film speed), and shutter speeds. We also paid close attention to where our light was and how to use it most effectively in our pictures. The participants took the cameras home a week at a time and returned with some really dynamic works. It was hard to believe that some members never used a camera before.

During the three-hour workshops we discussed the images and I gave them feedback to inform their next shoot. We also ate together like a family; the Cassava Leaves and Crane Crane were awesome! Everyone created self-portraits and photos of things in their surroundings that were self-reflective. I also gave the students the liberty to shoot what they wanted. They all decided to focus on the the culture in Freetown. I must say that I was very excited to see the photographs that each student came back with.

I was particularly delighted because participants felt that now they at least knew how to take better photographs that could be used for future documentation at the SLCCP. Although I was there to teach, I learned a great deal from the participants and was inspired by their determination.  I am hoping to return Sierra Leone soon to reconnect with my new family at the SLCCP. Following are the students works:

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