CCP Youth Workshop Presents: Salone Postcards

Last summer, SLCCP participants had the opportunity to take part in an intensive photography workshop conducted by professional freelance photographer Delphine Fawundu (read Delphine’s blog post about the workshop here – and watch some great multimedia presentations of the participants’ work!). After learning the fundamentals of photography, the participants were given the liberty to shoot whatever they desired. CCP and AFF staff were staggered by the talent the group demonstrated.

The participants, several of whom had never picked up a camera before, showed natural aptitude for for photography. Their images beautifully reveal the heart of Sierra Leone. We are excited to announce that the workshop resulted in a collection of captivating photographs, which the CCP has turned into a handsome set of postcards! The CCP is now proud to share these postcards as a fundraiser for our future projects. If you are interested in supporting the conservation of Sierra Leonean culture and the ambitions of the CCP Youth Workshop participants, consider purchasing a set this summer! Postcards are available in one of two sets of ten postcards each.

Below are the postcards contained in each bundle: