Imagem Dos Povos 2010

The sixth edition of Image dos Povos was held in the city of Belo in September of 2010, and Mahen Bonetti, of the New York African Film Festival, curated and presented 13 films from nine countries: Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, the United States, Great Britain and France. The program was divided into five parts: “The Age of Innocence”; “Popular Cinema, The Call from Nollywood”; “Popular Liberation, The Spirit of Independence”; “Longing for Home” and “Redemption.”

Several filmmakers were at the festival to present their films and the discussions afterwards were rich and enlightening, both in what they brought of new, and in what they revealed in the commonality of experiences and culture. The festival was open to the public and people of all ages had free access to the films and the discussions. It was a great opportunity for residents of Belo Horizonte to see films that very rarely make it to Brazil and to hear firsthand from the young filmmakers who so well represent the art of African film and its pan-African spirit.

Photos by Netun Lima

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