Storytelling: How Spider Tricked Snake



Watch the video below and use the activity cards to learn more, create and build your own stories!

About the Story

The trickster tale is a type of story motif that teaches a lesson. The characters are very wise and cunning and usually get things to go their way. Often it is not a good experience for the one who the trick is being played on.

Proverbs are common expressions of wisdom and advice passed on from generation to generation. Choose one or more that best fits the story and explain it’s meaning.

• A snake may let you pass the first time, take care not to pass there again.

• The best way to trick someone is to let them think they are tricking you.

• It’s easy to believe someone when they’re telling you what you want to hear.

Worksheet content prepared by Malika Lee Whitney of Pickney Productions.

ABOUT Malika Lee Whitney

Malika Lee Whitney is Artistic Director of Pickney Productions, a Harlem based arts and culture consortium.  She also serves as an education consultant and program moderator for African Film Festival, Inc. Ms. Whitney is a storyteller, theater artist, author, social justice advocate and coach of the Double Dutch Dreamz. WBAI Radio listeners have enjoyed her insightful arts, public affairs and children’s programs for many years.

Music: Pass This Way from Mbira Sanctuary. Composer Musician Kevin Nathaniel. Gwenyambira Productions


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