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Madame Brouette

"Madame Brouette / Mrs. Wheelbarrow," by Moussa Sène Absa / Senegal / 2002 / 104mins / Comedy, Drama / French and Wolof



Tue, Apr 25
to Fri, May 5

Cinema Awujo (Online)

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As a precursor to the 30th New York African Film Festival Opening Night presentation of Xalé by Moussa Sène Absa, we present a free online screening of Madame Brouette, the second film in Absa's trilogy focused on women.

About the Film

Proud and independent, Mati, also known as Madame Brouette (“Mrs. Wheelbarrow”), makes a living by pushing her wheelbarrow through the marketplace in Sandaga, Senegal. Divorced, she dreams of one day opening her own diner so she can earn a living with dignity, together with her daughter, Ndèye, and her friend, Ndaxté, who has also escaped from a violent marriage. Mati has had enough of men, and doesn’t want anything more to do with them. Fate, however, comes calling, in the person of charming and smooth-talking Naago, a cop. Despite her misgivings, Mati falls in love once again. This time, it may be the real thing… One day, at dawn, the residents of the Niayes Thiokeert district are awakened by the sound of gunfire. In full view of the horrified neighbours, a wounded Naago emerges from Mati’s house and collapses. What pushed Madame Brouette to this extreme?… Was is it really she who pulled the trigger?
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