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"Barbecue-Pejo," by Jean Odoutan / Benin / 1999 / 88mins / Comedy / French



Fri, Sep 29
to Fri, Oct 13

Cinema Awujo! (Online)

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Stream Beninoise filmmaker Jean Odoutan's first feature film, Barbecue-Pejo. Here, you can read more about the director's approach to making films.

About the Film

A poor Beninoise corn farmer wants to break out of this deep misery. Out of the blue, he buys a shaky Peugeot 504 and tries his hand at being a bush cabdriver. When the engine of the jalopy breaks down, he converts it into a flour mill. The mill, however, soon breaks down leaving the man without income. His wife is forced to prostitute herself in the corn fields in order to support their two daughters who are afflicted with congenital malformations. In his despair, the man tries one last time to make something profitable out of his only two resources, his corn and the fickle Peugeot.
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