10-Week Filmmaking Workshop with East Harlem School – Recap

Led by writer and filmmaker Ekwa Msangi

As part of AFF’s ongoing filmmaking workshop program, filmmaker and screenwriter Ekwa Msangi led a 10-week course, in October – December 2018, at East Harlem School at Exodus House. During the workshop, students learned about African film, filmmaking as a whole, how to create and write a story and script, production and editing, which culminated in a screening of their film. Eight students participated in the workshop.

During sessions, students watched and discussed the structures of various short African films and learned about the various roles that contribute to a film production. Later, students collaboratively created a story which centered around the subject of immigration and social equality. Students took on different crew (including directing, photography direction and production management) and main acting roles and collaborated with fellow students who took on roles as extras.

The session culminated in a screening of the final production at East Harlem School, with students, teachers, family and AFF staff members in attendance. View the photos from the workshop and the final production below!